“I’ve waited my entire career as a fitness professional for something like this.

People don’t just need this; they DESERVE this!”-Alysha


Introducing DNA Based, Custom Workouts & Nutrition Programming

What is DNA Based Programming?

DNA Based Programming is 100% customized to you, unlike anything out there today! Take the guess work out of “would this work for me?” and let your OWN DNA tell you! Your DNA program is personalized manual to exactly how your body responds to specific exercise, lifting, foods, macro sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, + so much more!

By considering the DNA’s report recommendations & Alysha’s years of experience working with all bodies, goals, and lifestyles; she creates the optimal lifestyle & science based program, completely custom to you.

“This is the ultimate road map to ones’s body. Clients don’t have to guess & try fad after fad; it creates a space to LISTEN to your own body and I help apply the tools to make them incredibly successful. It’s working with your body vs. forcing it; the fitness industry has needed this option for people for a long time!” -Alysha

How Does it Work?

Each client is sent a 100% private DNA test to their home, where they can easily send their sample to a professional, outsourced laboratory to guarantee efficient reports.The client will then receive their fully detailed, custom report electronically, as well as a detailed vitamin deficiency report.

From there, you are provided with a one on one consultation with Alysha where she can learn more about your goals & lifestyle and answer any questions you have to create a truly custom nutrition & workout program.

Who is this for?

-Constant yo-yo dieters

-Prenatal & Postpartum mothers

-Competitive Athletes

-Fitness Competition Athletes

-Hormone & Health deficiency repair clients

-Food/Allergy Sensitive clients

-Hypo/Hyper Thyroid clients

-Clients looking to improve their health, wellness, and lifestyle

What’s included in Alysha’a DNA Based Custom Programming:

-DNA Based Genetic Testing Kit + DNA Genetic Testing performed by Molecular Testing Labs

-Personal Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report

-Personalized Vitamin Program created from genetics report (optional)

-Custom Workout + Nutrition Program, written personally by Alysha, using your genetics report

-One on One Consultation with Alysha & unlimited question support

dna genetics Report Sample

Your genetics report is broken down into an fully detailed, easy to understand, electronic report. Alysha will discuss in depth your results, as well as explain, how she can incorporate the report’s findings into your custom program.

Due to high volume of applicants, spots for DNA Based Programming are extremely limited. Please contact Alysha directly to inquire about availability & questions.

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