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Redefining Pre + Postnatal Fitness

When Alysha became pregnant in 2016 with her son, she found herself constantly searching for ways to stay active during her pregnancy and navigate safe and effective ways to keep herself and baby active.

What she found was that along with many conflicting ideas and un-researched methods of prenatal fitness, there was very few answers and sources she could understand and trust for her pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Becoming a mother is Alysha’s most treasured experience; but she couldn’t help but realize that motherhood was changing her body and she wanted the tools, methods, and resources to support her entire motherhood journey.

She also knew she wasn’t the only mama wanting the same…….

Alysha has made it her personal mission to find the most innovative, safe, and effective styles and methods of training for prenatal and postpartum women.

Along with her many personal training and nutrition certifications, Alysha added specialized pre and postnatal certifications like Low Pressure Fitness; an innovative technique in which she is one of the few select trainers in the United States certified to teach the technique.

Alysha’s goal is not just to keep women active during pregnancy and get them back to the gym after delivery; but to teach you valuable tools that help prepare you for birth, help prevent and heal pelvic floor related injuries, and correct core imbalances.

Through her methods of instructing classes, one on one coaching, and designing custom nutrition and training programs, she’s confident she’s found the answers to so many mama’s questions; and she can’t wait to help you!

Who is this training for?

  • Women trying to conceive who want knowledge & tools to prepare their bodies + minds for pregnancy.

  • Expectant mothers who want to stay active and nutritionally aware through every trimester of their pregnancy. As well, as provide benefits to their core, baby’s development, and upcoming postpartum journey.

  • New & Postpartum mothers up to 13 years, who are focused on getting back to activity safely, heal & correct pregnancy related injuries such as: diastasis recti, pelvic floor incontinence (urination during activity or sneezing as an example), pelvic floor hypertension, prolapse, low libido, and many more.

  • Male & Female athletes looking to increase athletic performance, improve pelvic floor strength injury, increase libido, lower blood pressure, improve GI issues, and much more.

What to Expect Working With Alysha:

Alysha works with every client on a personal and customary approach. Upon purchasing a one on one session with her, she will then discuss past and current health history, goals, & answer ALL questions before beginning to teach you innovative, one of a kind approaches; such as hypopressive breathing repair techniques or diaphragmatic core strengthening methods.

Along with teaching you these methods in person (local residents only) or via video chat, Alysha can discuss if a custom nutrition and training program is best to accompany your one on one sessions as well.

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I originally went to Alysha to fix my “mom pouch”. I had no idea the knowledge and effectiveness behind her training I was going to learn! I felt good know I was correcting things the right way. -Megan, 35