My schedule has changed to the wee hours of the morning lately; so that means training super early each day too get it in! Goals, right girls?
Anyways, I started making this fast and all in one meal that served as a perfect post workout meal and breakfast and I wanted too share it with you!
Plus; my little guy loves it and what’s better than a breakfast for mom and babe?

Avocado Protein Toast

(Recipe for 2 servings)
What you’ll need:

Large skillet

Cutting board and knife 

Cooking spatula or spoon 

Baking sheet OR Toaster
What’s in it:

1 egg

6-8 oz egg whites

1 avocado 

3/4 cup cherry tomatoes

3 bacon or turkey bacon strips

2 cups spinach

2 slices Famous Dave’s Organic bread or gluten free bread
How to make it:
Start by dicing up tomatoes into small halves on your cutting board. Also, cut and dish avocado into a bowl and mash.
Add egg whites, egg, and tomatoes to medium heat skillet. Begin to stir every 1 minute, while adding spinach when eggs are almost cooked.
Continue stirring for 3-5 minutes or until eggs are cooked.
While your eggs are cooking, also place bacon strips in a another medium heated skillet and turn every 1 minute until crispy. (I always pre cook my bacon in bulk to have on hand for the week for yummy toppings)

While your eggs and bacon are getting sautéed, place bread slices in the oven or toaster until golden brown. I do 4 minutes at 250 degrees in the oven. Which reminds me; why do I not have a toaster?

Once your eggs, bacon, and toast are finished. 

Spread a thick layer of avocado onto your toast and place eggs, spinach, and tomatoes on top.
Lastly, smash up that bacon and use as a topping.

This meal takes me about 10 minutes total time to make; which I love!

It’s so important too include a protein, fat, and carbohydrate into your post workout meal so this meal covers all the bases! 

So thankful for quick meals like this and Sesame Street re-runs getting me through those busy mornings!
Enjoy guys!