Last year, I wrote a blog about having a 1 year old.

I wrote it 2 weeks before his birthday, posted on his actual birthday, and pretty sure I had some super poetic, pinterest-ey advice things in it.

This year, I’m writing this blog 2 weeks after his birthday, might post it this week if I'm lucky, and there’s zero poetry in my life currently…

So yea, umm I have a 2 year old?



If by chance you want to check out my first year poetry, read my post from last year (I re-posted it for you!), and you’ll know that I still keep a random note in my iPhone in hopes that I will capture every funny moment, memory, and thought my little guy and I share.

Well, not gonna lie, there’s only a couple things from the last year in my notes (this whole 2 year old thing has been really busy) and it’s mostly dates and like some random target sale reminders, so instead, I’ll share some thoughts.

I’m so proud of you. Well, one thing is the same from last year, every.single.thing. your kid does is amazing!  From the first giggle to a fart, the best thing about being a parent is witnessing your child learn and grow. So many first’s this year and they were honestly some of the best moments of my life!

Jax’s highlight reel by far was watching him learn to walk, then run, and now jump from couch to couch giving me a heart attack.  Or crazy enough, my kid loves to clean!  He already vacuums and loves to sweep with his mini broom set; let’s hope this sticks around!

You never stop being amazed and you never stop being a highly obnoxious parent, asking people if they want to see another video of your kid doing, well, anything.


Is he like, ever, going to start listening to me? Remember before you had kids and you would see toddlers sass’ing their mothers and think, OMG; they're so cute!  Well when you turn out to be the mom with the sassy toddler, it’s really not that cute guys…

My son is well, spirited- real spirited and 500 google searches later on “How to discipline your toddler” my son still doesn’t listen to me all the time, but sometimes, in brief moments, he actually does!  It’s in those moments that I realize there is light at the end of the tunnel and the same way I figured it out in year 1, i’ll get it sometime in year 2.  


Love you, mama. Oh man, those 3 little words.. I was putting Jax down for bed after a bath and every night I try to read to him.

I sat his book down, kissed his forehead, and as I was heading out of his room he said, “Luh you, Mama.”

I swear my heart just stopped and my ovaries exploded guys! It was a moment, although so simple, was the most incredible feeling as a mama.

It’s moments like that, that you hold tight on the hard days, and smile ‘till your face hurts on the good ones.  It was also the moment, that I finally understand why people can have 5 kids- because it really does make you feel unbreakable love.



In 4 years, he’ll go to school.  Some days get a little intense in my house.  I work from home full time and have part time child care until now, and to keep my sanity, some days you’ll find me locked in our pantry, just taking a time out while my son works through a tantrum outside the door.

(For my people reading this who don’t have children, this is normal. Trust me.)

But anyways, there’s been times where I’ve found myself daydreaming of what it will be like when my son finally goes to school.

Over the past 6 months, my son has really begun wanting to play with other children more and craving interaction so we’ve decided to put him in pre-school early….cue the water works!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work from home and raise my son with me everyday; its seriously such a blessing!  And even on the days where I end up in the pantry, I still wouldn’t change it for the world!

But we always want what is best for our kids right? So deep down we knew, no matter how hard, school for my little guy was the best choice.

That’s the hard lesson I've learned from year 1 to 2; that each year he grows up, needs mom a little less, and I have to grow with him- I have to let him grow up and its so dang hard sometimes.



He’s so perfect babe. Did I mention how lucky I am?  Well, I am!  Not only do I have a pretty killer kid, but I lucked out with the best husbands of all time.  

Since day 1 of having my son, my husband and I parent as a team.  We both share parenting responsibilities and somedays, when the other one really needs it, one of us takes over so we can both get breaks.  We both get frustrated. We both get to share special times.  We really wanted to be a team for our little guy, and I always knew it, but especially this year, I’ve realized how important our teamwork is.

I’m a good mom because my husband helps me to be the best and I’ll never be able to repay him for that.

But every night, when the day is done and the millionth chore is completed, and we look at each other so tired sometimes; at least one of us says, “He’s so perfect.”

Everyone tells you how much a child will change you, but no-one ever tells you what change it will bring to your relationship.

Some days ours is really tested as parents and as husband and wife, but our son brings us closer and makes us appreciate one another in a truly special way!

So yes, somedays I remind myself to “let go” of the small things and remember to just appreciate having a great partner to share parenthood with.



Year 2 was hard, but it was more fun that I’d had in my entire life!

This year has really made me become more confident as a mom; not because i’m perfect, but because I realize that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

I embrace the mess.  Still take on more than I should, and I NEVER feel like I know all the answers… but that’s really the most fun part sometimes!


Everyday Jax shows me new and reminds me that whatever mistake I made that day as a mom, its ok- he really loves me no matter what!

Its been a great year connecting with all of you!  So many of you have reached out with advice, support, and love and have truly made my day so many times; I can’t thank you enough!

I’m excited for year 3 and as always, I'll keep you guys posted!  


Oh did I forget too mention mom and dad got married this year?!? Jax was the best ring bearer ever!  He refused to wear shoes that day- choose your battles mamas!

Oh did I forget too mention mom and dad got married this year?!? Jax was the best ring bearer ever!  He refused to wear shoes that day- choose your battles mamas!