I get asked a lot of questions; some general and some well, weird as hell!

Carbs, cardio, waist trainers, macros, workouts; you name it, I’ve been asked it.  But one of the most popular questions?


Yep. I always get asked about my boobs and I’m a pretty wide open book about it!

For the record, I think boobs are awesome! Small, big, real, fake-whatever!  I pretty much see boobs like a Christmas tree.  They're decorations; decorate your tree how you want!


Obviously, I have breast implants- I mean I hope not TOO obvious (like I look straight Dolly Parton) but I upgraded my girls 5 years ago and we’ve had a good thing going on since.


I did a lot of research, spoke with tons of doctors, and weighed the question for years before pulling the trigger and some things turned out to be exactly how I expected and some well, pretty surprising!


So I thought I would just jump right in and answer some of your most asked questions!


How big are your implants and what kind/style/ procedure did you get?

My implants are 350cc’s, saline, and round shape.  I contemplated getting the popular at the time, “tear drop” implant but after chatting with other girls who had them, was afraid of rippling so opted out for the traditional round shape.

I got my implants underneath the muscle and a small incision was made under my breast.

LEFT: Pre- implants and 5 inches of bra padding😂  MIDDLE: 4 months post surgery  RIGHT: 5 years post implants and 2 years postpartum

LEFT: Pre- implants and 5 inches of bra padding😂

MIDDLE: 4 months post surgery

RIGHT: 5 years post implants and 2 years postpartum

I have minimal scarring and after applying vitamin k oil on the scar for a year, it’s almost completely gone.

No-one warned me about this, but right after my surgery I couldn’t wait to take my bandage wrap off and give the girls a look!  I was shocked when they still looked very small and well, not very pretty!

It takes time for your implants to settle into size and shape and I would suggest holding off on splurging at Victoria’s Secret- I changed 3 bra sizes before my implants settled at a 32C around 6 months after surgery.  I was a 36A before my implants.


How was the recovery and how long before you started working out again?

I heard horror stories of boob job recoveries and too be honest; I had a pretty easy time!  The first 24 hours my chest felt tight and swollen, and my total surgery time was 1 hour.

I started walking on the treadmill 5 days post surgery, and was doing light weight training 9 days post surgery but being extremely careful to not engage my chest and shoulders.

Within 3 months I was training for an obstacle race and boxing, so yea- if you’re smart and listen to your doctor, recovery is fairly easy.

i do suggest staying in front of your pain medication though the first 2 days!  I hate even taking aspirin, so on day 2 I tried to go cold turkey, and found myself lying on my back, scooting desperately towards my night stand, to then shimmy up onto my bed to grab my pain medication because my pain became that strong!

In my opinion, the women who have long and hard recoveries from breast implants normally do 2 things: don’t take it easy and get implants that are very large for their body.

At the end of the day, remember your skin has to stretch to fit the size implant you put into your body; weigh the current size of your boobs to the size of implant you’re getting.


Can you still breastfeed with your implants?

Yes,Yes,Yes! I was so nervous that I would not be able to breast feed my son and thankfully, not one problem with my implants or their sensitivity!

My doctor assured me that going underneath the muscle with my implant had little to no effect on being able to breast feed and although the girls were working great, they looked like swollen watermelons!

Whew did I get big!  I had only had my implants for a year before I got pregnant and looking back, I wish I would have waited because it did cause me to get some stretch marks and look like I had loaded weapons under my tank top.

But now, almost 2 years postpartum, they have returned to their normal size and look great!  I actually think they are softer and more natural looking after breast feeding.


Do you regret it?

I love answering this question because before having a set of jelly boobs, I would ask the same thing to woman and the answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Getting breast implants was a great decision for myself and gave me a lot of confidence with my body!

I think when I got my implants, the size of my boobs was more important to me in that time of my life than now.  Honestly, the second I got big boobs was also the second I quit “showing them off” lol 

You instantly become aware of having breasts and at times, big boobs kina suck!

Running, jumping, even the 3 times I’ve golfed in my life; big boobs are always in the way and i strongly suggest 2 sports bras!

But some clothes, especially bikini’s fit amazing now!  But it can be hard to throw on a low cut tank top without the neighbor boy having a heart attack- its a plus and minus.


I don’t regret my breast implants one bit!  I think a huge reason for that is because I didn’t try to “go big” or pull off an implant look that didn’t fit my body.  

It took me 4 surgeon consultations before I found a doctor that agreed that the size I wanted didn’t need to be bigger, sometimes there CAN be too much of a good thing!


My breast implants do not actually need to be re-done every 10 years, like many implants in the past and even though a baby has put some miles on the girls, I’m still very happy with them and don’t see myself going bigger or changing the implant anytime soon.


When it comes to implants; whether you’re getting them, have them, want them- here’s my advice: 

Ask ALL the questions!  Do your research! Match them to your body!

And most of all, realize that they’ll be part of your body, so you make the call!