-Don’t cry over boys.

-Take care of your skin.

Although the boy rule wasn't always easy to follow, I’ve always did a great job taking care of my skin.  Which after my younger years of being a tanning bed slave (gross) and wearing heavy make up; I’ve found some staples that SAVE my skin!


The best part, they’re all under $50!





glo-therapeutics, Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+

“I seriously cannot live without this product!  I wear it as make up on the casual days; multiple colors, nice glow, and doesn’t feel greasy”



Acure, Moroccan Argan Oil, in coconut

“All natural, vegan, and seriously saves my dry skin in the harsh Colorado climate!  I also use it as a mix with my concealer to give myself a nice, natural glow”



Instantly Ageless, Under Eye Firming Cream

“Ok, if you get nothing out of this blog, look at this product!  I’ve had crazy dark under eye circles and puffy eyes since I was younger and when I became a mom- well lets just say shit got real!  I can instantly see a visible difference when I use this and it comes in individual packets, which is awesome for travel!  Downfall is you do have to use a independent sales consultant to get the best price, so if you don’t know someone who sells it, you can normally get a good deal on amazon”



Masque-ology, Collagen Hydrogel Gold Mask

“Girls- this is a steal!  I first came across this at Walmart for-wait for it- 2 for $5!  Great for throwing it on before a night out or in between facials.”



Hard Candy, Glow All The Way

“Another serious steal!  Under $7 and love the glow it gives my arms and legs!  It doesn’t streak or give you that weird smell like most body illuminators.  I do suggest mixing it with lotion to get the most out the smaller bottle.”



Nerium, Firming Body Contour Cream

“Ok, so iIm a MAJOR skeptic when it comes to products that say “eliminates cellulite” or “tighten the tummy” because, well, most products are bogus…but this I could honestly see a HUGE difference using this on the back of my legs and tummy after I had my son.  It is very pricey and you have to find a Nerium sales rep to purchase it, but in my opinion, worth the price!”



Nivea, Sensitive Post Shave Balm

“Next time you’re at Sephora and the sales lady is trying to talk you into $50 make up primer- WALK AWAY!  Because this little gem was introduced to me from a couple make up artists and its awesome!  I put it over my face lotion to prime smooth skin for make up and I really like the smell too!”



Skin Ceuticals,Bi-Functional Replenishing Serum, in Correct

“This is my most expensive product I use on my face, but the small bottle lasts forever!  I have to request it through a licensed aesthetician or at a licensed spa.  This is seriously the best product I've ever used for overall face care!  Just make sure to apply every other day if your face is dry”