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Why I'm Choosing Placenta Encapsulation...

The Process from Start to Finish + Why This Is So Important To Me This Pregnancy

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I’m not sure if I’m proud or just more or less enjoy the rather odd line I walk as a “meat head-hippie mom” but either way; I’ve never been able to put myself into just one box and that’s the fun part of this whole “mom thing” for me!

But over the last year, I’ve found myself walking a little longer path with the “hollistic” side to my mom personality and it’s opened me up to essential oils, cloth diapers, meditation for me and the kids, annnd I’m going to eat my placenta when I deliver in April.

I mean not eat it, eat it; but ingest it. 

I mean I’m going to ingest my placenta, plus some herbs, via a tiny pill that’s not all national geographic like, but actually really cool!

I’m assuming I’ve either intrigued you or grossed out at this point; but we’re following? 

Good! Let me tell you a little more before you make up your mind just yet……

What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation (PE)  is basically the professional dehydration process of your placenta, put into capsules, to be ingested by pill form. I am using an encapsulator that has a new process that allows the placenta to be freeze dried; making sure to not loose a large portion of the enzymes, hormones, and nutrients that the process of dehydration can.

I’ve chosen to work with an amazingly talented midwife & nutritional herbologist, Rachel Talley from Living Mom Birth to not just encapsulate my placenta, but also add all natural herbal blends to my encapsulation process. Rachel is one of the only placenta encapsulators to use this process, as well as ship nationwide!

What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation?

Studies are showing that placental encapsulation can:

  • increase milk secretion

  • enhance and elevate mood

  • quickening of healing postpartum

  • decrease baby blues and postpartum depression

  • increase iron production

  • increase normal sleep patterns

  • increase in energy

Below are some of the other improvements women are claiming from placental ingestion:

  • Quickened uterine shrinkage

  • Decreased anxiety and worry

  • Mood enhancement

  • Feeling “normal” after delivery

  • Stronger connections between mom & baby and Mom & other family members

  • Increased milk supply

  • Quickened healing time

  • Less postpartum bleeding

  • Overall emotional/psychological sense of peace and well being

Why I’m choosing to encapsulate:

This will be my second child and although I feel like I’ve really hit my stride as a mother & coming into my own as I prepare to welcome our next baby; I’ll admit my journey as a mom wasn’t always so graceful.

I wasn’t educated on postpartum depression with my first baby and had I been, I would have probably recognized that I was experiencing more than just “baby blues” my first year postpartum.

Along with having PD, I suffered from very intense hormonal changes and hormonal deficiencies well into my second year after giving birth.

When speaking with my doctor and a hormone specialist, I was offered pharmaceuticals but never really hard solutions for my issues, and I believe all women have the right to make ANY choice for their bodies; but for me, that just wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

I began working with a holistic doctor and made great advances which really turned my attention to adding holistic wellness into my life where it made sense and as a proactive measure this pregnancy; I knew from day one that placenta encapsulation could possibly be a game changer for my postpartum journey this time around!

The best lesson I learned as a mother was knowing when to ask for help and for me, why wouldn’t I try encapsulation?  I can use all the help I can get!

How does it work?

Before delivery,  I’ll inform the staff that I will be encapsulating so they know keep the placenta for encapsulation.  Upon birth, I’ll have a small cooler with ice on hand to store the placenta. 

I will then call Rachel, my placenta encapsulator, and let her know I will be sending her the placenta using a special box and instructions she has mailed me previously.
My placenta will be encapsulated within 48 hours of me giving birth using a process that has 98-100% hormone, nutrient, and enzyme retention of the placenta, while also adding extra herbal remedies to help combat postpartum depression, fatigue, milk supply, and so much more!

Luckily, I’ve had Rachel by my side the entire process and found it to be not scary or gross at all; but I was actually empowered by the process!  I have never seen the placenta as I do now, knowing how incredible it is to my body and my baby!

What is the cost to encapsulate your placenta?

Prices vary depending on what process you’d prefer.  From my own research, most PE services cost between $150-$300 depending on location and service.

Many PE professionals do not have to be in your local area and you can ship your placenta nationwide to be encapsulated.  I will be sending mine to Utah and loved the convenience of Living Mom Birth’s services!

Are there other ways to get these benefits without encapsulation?

While chatting with friends I’ve been asked this quite often and there are alternatives to placenta encapsulation:

  1. You can eat it raw.

  2. You can freeze it and cut pieces into a smoothie.

  3. You can cook it along your favorite foods.

Even though I’ve heard placenta does not have much taste and many women love these alternatives to benefit from placenta ingestion; pill encapsulation was a go for me!  

I’m so excited to give this process a try and let you all know what differences it made for my postpartum journey!  

We are T minus 4-ish weeks away from baby Wilson’s due date so make sure to check back on the fam gram ( @alyshaawilson) to learn more about my encapsulation and all things baby!

You can learn more about placenta encapsulation + ask any questions at I cannot express what a wonderful experience it was working with Rachel; I highly suggest reaching out to her if you’re interested in the encapsulation process!

Make sure you drop your OWN experience with placenta encapsulation in the comments!

-Alysha XOXO



My Top Baby Product Must-Haves: Under $100

Untitled Design.PNG

This is my second time you guys…..

Yep, literally this is my second time I’ve hugged a toilet, shimmied into pants held together by a rubber band, and put together a nursery; I am a professional baby maker I would say…


Although I would never consider myself a professional at anything to do with this “mom stuff”, I can say that i’ve seen some things/smelt some things that qualify me as “experienced” enough to give a suggestion or two!

Of the hundreds of baby blogs I’ve read over the years (pregnancy insomnia), I always feel like other blogger’s registries don’t speak to me; a.k.a “I would never pay that much for that little” kind of thing?

I’ve never put together a baby registry blog because it wasn’t until now, a 31 year old, soon to be mom of 2 boys, that I felt I had the experience to suggest products to other moms like myself!

Of course I want cute baby things- who doesn’t? But it’s important for me to find products that ACTUALLY make a difference for me and don’t break the bank either!


(Or you can look at my entire baby registry + toddler products HERE)

Hatch Baby Sound Machine


Night light + Early to rise timer + Sound machine all in one, and it’s all programmed by your phone! After working with a sleep therapist with my toddler, I wish I would have just bought this for him as a baby and saved myself buying 3 different machines for sleep training! I also love that the light color can be changed; super important for infant sleep training.

My diaper bag


My husband/helper bag


If I have learned one lesson as a mom so far, it is: one diaper bag does not serve all! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in public, with a blow out diaper, only to find my amazing husband may have forgotten to re-fill the diapers in the bag…..problem solved!

I have a bag and I designate a bag for my husband/ baby sitter or relative that might be helping us that day with watching the kids. I keep them both stocked and always know i’m prepared. I will note for my first baby I didn’t have the backpack style bag and it was a MAJOR hassle! I decided to have a backpack for both this time around.

Nursing Pillow


I love using my Boppy Pillow for when I’m nursing, but I realized with my first baby how little comfort I had for MYSELF being in the nursing position. This bedrest throw pillow is going to be so much nicer than trying to scramble a million pillows around me.

Bottle Warmer


I’ve tried and went through A LOT of bottle warmers and every mom is different, but for me I wanted an affordable bottle warmer that was easy to clean and that I could buy multiple of to keep on each floor of our house + relatives. Sounds overkill? Not at 2 am with a screaming baby and you don’t have to venture a flight of stairs to warm a bottle!

Dr. Brown was the bottles I used with my first alongside breast feeding and this warmer is made for them, plus I’ve heard it fits the most style bottles out today.

Travel Size Breast Pump


I’m putting this on the list solely off of referral from another mom! One of the frustrating things for my breast feeding journey last go around was catching the “let down” milk after I fed my son and i’ve heard multiple mom sweat by this manual breast pump for that reason! Plus its great for traveling in the car or in bathrooms.


  • Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller After doing a pretty ridiculous amount of research on the double stroller;I realized that there are some strollers on the market that have tons of options and look crazy stylish; I just wasn’t into paying that much for a stroller I didn’t even know how much I would use (my son hates the stroller already)… I was SO excited when I found the Graco! It has all the features of the expensive strollers (12 different ways to set up) and was a steal on amazon for $150! I also found a company on etsy that will make leather accessories for stroller handles if I decide later on I want to get a little “boujie” with it.

  • Willow Wireless Breast Pump Here’s the deal; I have not tried this pump yet but I’ve read countless reviews that it’s a life changer and after hooking myself up like a dairy cow only to have the doorbell ring overtime; for $499 I am willing to gamble on this product! I also work from home and take a lot of calls on my speakerphone; so the ability to pump, talk, work, etc is super exciting for me! I have heard mixed reviews on how quit the willow is; i’ll report back on the fam gram! (my ig @alyshaawilson)

  • The SNOO by Happiest Baby My social media has done nothing but blow up about this bassinet! Its said to help baby sleep more hours and do so more safely, from the app technology and swaddle feature accompanied with the bassinet. I WILL DO ANYTHING TO SLEEP MORE WITH A NEWBORN-ANYTHING! Well I thought that until I started researching the SNOO’s price: BRAND NEW $1,295 or USED $1,000! It just seemed to risky to invest in a bassinet that my baby might not like and will grow out of as soon as he’s sitting up; but luckily the guys at happiest baby got smart and offered The SNOO as a rental! Here was the price breakdown for me: $278 initial fee ($175 of that is refundable when you return it) and $98 for every month I use it. I’m really excited about this bassinet and now with the option to return, this purchase was a no-brainer!

  • Nest Indoor Security Camera My son destroyed 3 baby monitors before he was 2; I was not going down that road again! Luckily, the husband talked me into a nest security camera in each of the kids rooms and I have to say the sound and picture quality is so much better than any monitor and I love how I can turn the app on my phone and it will stay open for the entire night. Great buy for multiple nest’s because we use them all over the house along with our security system.

  • Babymoov 6 in 1 Station There is nothing better than buying a baby product that you might use after they’re not babies, and this product is just that! Blender, baby food puree, baby food steamer, warmer, defroster, sterilizer… a remote to do all that awesomeness! I love this because instead of 5 machines on my counter, i’m down to one that handles it all! Plus, its a steal at $160!


Well family, I hope you got some great ideas from my baby must haves! I try to always keep it real with you guys, so know that I wasn’t paid to promote ANY of these products! It was important for me to be able to have a non-influenced opinion on products that you will spend your hard earned money on!

As always, I want my pages to be a open canvas to the community to share your insight! Leave your favorite products in the comments, tag a small business that makes your fav baby products, or share this to your social media page!

Happy shopping mamas!

Alysha XOXO