5 Ways To Get Your Body Back After Baby

I can think of a couple HUGE goals to attempt in life; climbing Everest, swimming the English Channel, world peace- oh and getting your body back after baby!I’ve trained women for 10 years and thought I really understood the struggle of being a mom and making fitness a part of your life…..but I quickly realized I had no idea about any of that, until I attempted my first sit up, 6 weeks after giving birth.

Getting back is hard; wait, it’s down right BS in the beginning!

Trying to train on 4 hours sleep, hormone switches out the whazoo, and meal prep? You mean whatever you can microwave after 12 hours of pumping yourself like a milk cow and getting peed and spit up on all day.

BUT as hard as it is, as far away from your goal you feel; it happens! Inch by inch, day by day, and all you HAVE to do is keep showing up mamas!

I wanted to share this week the 5 major things that helped me get my BODY AFTER BABY:
Crawl before you walk. The biggest mistake I made when I was released for workouts at 6 weeks postpartum, was thinking I could get right back to my old workouts. Everything moves and shifts during pregnancy and delivery, and before I could walk into workouts, I had to get fundamental strength back! Restoring strength in the pelvic floor and abdominals is key! From week 3-6, all I did was at home PF rehab with daily walks (See my exercises here)
Also, before I started ANY core work, I check myself for diastasis recti or DR. (Check for DR here)Whether you do or don’t have DR it’s crucial to know, so you can properly train your core postpartum.
Make a plan. I’m not going to say learn how to multi-task here; you’re a mom! You already get those vibes! But a mistake a lot of moms make coming back after pregnancy, is too much-too soon.

Start small, but doable.

I started 3 days light weight training, 3-4 days at home rehab exercises with light cardio such as walking. The older my son got, the better I could have a schedule.

For example he always took a nap in the early morning for 35-1 hour, so every day this was my “training time”. I made workouts short enough to fit that time and when he was awake, I’d throw him in the bouncy or strap him in his carrier and do my workout with him. You have to get creative the first couple months.(Do my carrier workouts)

Once my son was older, both of us were ready to go to the next level and I researched gyms in my area that had child care. I found a great gym and he loved going while I got a great workout in! You’d be surprised how many fitness centers offer great child care for a reasonable price for infants and toddlers.

Calories on Fleek. So this is number 1 mamas! Body after baby is a tricky thing; ecspecially when you’re trying to determine how many calories you should be consuming each day.
I’ll try to make it simple here; if you’re breast feeding, calorie consumption makes up a huge part of your milk supply which is priceless!

Start with your maintenance level calories, add 300 calories above those. On your training days, add an additional 150-200 calories on top of those to equal 450-500 calories on top of your maintenance level calories.

Don’t know your maintenance level calories? Email me! Alysha@justafitchick.com 

If you’re not or unable to breast feed, start with your maintenance level calories and add 150-200 calories to your training day and adjust your calories to right under your maintenance level for your rest days.

Set your macro percentages to 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats.

*This is a general estimate of calorie consumption. I strongly suggest customizing your calories and macros to your goals specifically.

Small goals sister. Numbers have never meant less or been more frustrating when it comes too postpartum training. Going up and down is just part of it!
I had to remind myself that 6 weeks before I had a human inside of me, I dropped close to 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and my body is still recovering from delivering a football; cut yourself some slack sister!

My biggest piece of advice is too not make a scale goal. Don’t try that pre-baby pair of pants on….. Just make the goal to make fitness work into your life! Start at 2-3 days, maybe get to 5-6 within 6 months.

You’re not in a race with anyone but yourself. Enjoy your baby. Love feeling strong again…the results will show up eventually, if you continue too.

It’s a family thing. The most helpful thing that helped me get my body back after baby took me the longest time to get: asking for help!
In the beginning I was trying to do EVERYTHING myself and it took its toll.

I was t00 tired to enjoy training. Too mentally spent to stay motivated and too be honest was an emotional wreck.

Thankfully I have a great guy. He stepped in and offered help and reluctantly, but thankfully I took it.

We made a schedule of 3 times a week I got time to train, and the same thing for him. I strongly suggest making a schedule! It doesn’t always go to plan, but it gives you some comfort you have some control when you feel like a 2 month old is dictating every second of your day. By the way they are; and it’s awesome!

Whether it’s your fella, family, a close friend…. There is ALWAYS someone who would love to help for 30 minutes so you can have some time to yourself.


Don’t feel guilty mamas! Taking care of yourself is taking care of baby too!